Chatham Hills Lindley Farmstead Preview from Chatham Hills on Vimeo.

Introducing the Historic Lindley Farmstead at Chatham Hills. As many know, much of the ground that Chatham now occupies has a historical & storied past - in particular, with over 7 generations of the Lindley Family (now Bray/Maley) who settled in Westfield in the early 1830s from "Chatham" County, NC. When purchasing this unique farmstead, adorned with the red barn built in early 1830s (pre Civil War!) and farmhouse from 1886, all visible from US-31, we assured family members we would not only keep but would one day restore the iconic Red Barn on top of the hill -- in a massive undertaking & something we've been extremely passionate about to keep details and the barn alive, we are excited to introduce and give a first look at The Lindley Farmstead...It is our hope for the next 150+ years, it will be the heart of community events, weddings, parties, outdoor exploring, as well as an active farm - and will hold many stories for generations to come. We've partnered with the Ritz Charles, another local family business, to handle all catering and logistics to create wonderful events. Take a peak and we can't wait to share more!

Located just west of US 31&SR 38 Interchange on Lindley Farm Road in Westfield, IN
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Bookings: Casey Lazarra at Ritz Charles